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Please select your desired shop language in the top right corner to view the standard texts in your desired language. This should make navigating your shopping a little easier.
As well as these standard translations, we have product texts and legal guidelines. You can view these in German.

Additional information to make your visit to our shop and potential purchase a little easier.

1. General information
2. Payment and shipping
3. Discounts

1. General information

Using the product strip on the left side of the screen, you can easily navigate the different categories, regardless of where they are in the shop.
Click on a product category to open the products in this category.
To open a product, click on the desired product and you will receive additional information such as measurements and prices.

In the volume scaling you will find information on what quantities (packaging units) are available and the prices for them. The principle is that the larger the quantity is, the lower the price will be.

Click on the product that you would like to order and add it to your basket. If you want to order this quantity multiple times, then change the number for this product in your basket.
Your basket is directly linked to stock and you can see how many products are still available.

You can change the number straight away or do your shopping first and then change the number for the desired product in your basket.
If you have finished shopping, select the destination country in your basket and then the desired payment method.
Your shipping method is already set.

Continue to the checkout.
You will need to enter your address or visit our store to collect.
If you are a commercial customer and have a VAT identification number then click on ‘company’ to register (do not register as a private customer). Enter your VAT identification number in the field. You will not be charged German VAT. Our system checks the number.

For the next step:
Check all details again.
Please confirm our Terms and Conditions by clicking, otherwise you will not be able to complete your order. Finish the purchase
You will then receive an automatic confirmation from our shop.

2. Payment and shipping

For deliveries outside of Germany there is a limited number of payment methods. The payment methods are shown in your basket. Please choose Paypal or credit card for a quicker and safer payment process.

Shipping is done using the DHL package service
Your automated message will state a date of dispatch. You will also receive a separate email with information on tracking.

Shipping costs for your country are indicated in the following illustration:

Order value from       0,00  -   10,50 Euro  / shipping costs        11,55 Euro
Order value from     10,51  -   99,90 Euro  / shipping costs        12,90 Euro
Order value from     99,91  - 199,99 Euro  / shipping costs        19,10 Euro
Order value from   200,00  - 499,00 Euro  / shipping costs        25,95 Euro
Order value more than          499,01 Euro  / shipping costs        39,90 Euro

Order value from 0,01    -    30,00 Euro / shipping costs  18,95 Euro

Order value from 30,01  -  100,00 Euro / shipping costs  24,50 Euro
Order value more than      100,01 Euro / shipping costs   35,50 Euro

For deliveries to Switzerland or other EU countries different conditions apply. You are responsible and liable for customs formalities and customs fees.
Please ensure you are fully informed beforehand.

3. Discount

If you are buying in bulk you will receive an additional reduction as shown in the following illustration.


For our customers wanting to buy more we are offering an additional discount system.

For purchase values above   89,90 Euro you receive a discount of 3 %
For purchase values above 139,90 Euro you receive a discount of 5 %
For purchase values above 189,90 Euro you receive a discount of 7 %
For purchase values above 239,90 Euro you receive a discount of 9 %

The discount will be displayed as an extra position (shopping cart discount) in your shopping cart and will be subtracted from your shopping cart value.

Thank you very much



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